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Southern Piling works is a small family run company delivering industry best piling services and results, with first rate saftey, enviroment and quality management systems.

Driven Piling
driven piles

Driven Piles are used in difficult ground conditions as foundations for buildings, bridges, roads, piers and retaining walls. Southern Piling Works can offer Driven Pile design services or install Driven Piles to a supplied design.

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Bored Piers
bored piers

Southern Piling Works are experts in Bored Piers and Rock Drilling, can provide design services if required. We have specialist equipment, giving us capability to drill large holes deep into rock and earth.

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Soil Nails
soil nailing

Soil nails and rock nails are ideal for limited access sites and slope stabilization. Soil nails and rock nails are a fast, cost-effective stabilising method. Installing soil nails and rock nails can be less disruptive than other methods. .

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Sheet Piling
sheet piling

Sheet piles are used as a temporary or permanent retaining wall. Sheet Piles are an ideal solution in soft ground conditions or as temporary shoring around deep excavations.Shhet piles can be temporary or permanent.

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