Bored Piers

Basements, Foundations, Retaining Walls, Rock Drilling

Bored Piers are a reliable cost effective Foundation type for many projects. Southern Piling works can offer many types of drilling techniques for bored piers.

Bored Pier drilling techniques

In firm consistent ground bored piers can be quite simple to construct - drilling to design depth, cleaning the hole and placeing steel and concrete. Not all ground conditions are straightforward and SOuthern Piling Works can drill bored Piers through rock up to 40 mpa with core barrels and proprietry rock augers, Southern Piling works can drill into rock up to 150mpa with down the hole percussion hammers on modified CFA piling rigs.

During instalation of a driven pile the distance the pile is moving per blow can be measured this allows the capacity or resitance of the pile to be monitored during instalation.