Driven Piles

Timber, Steel, Concrete

Driven Piles offer many advantages over other foundation types. A driven pile by their very nature is a reliable and long lasting foundation type. The resistance of every driven pile can be calculated using dynamic formula. Further testing can be done on driven piles to determine there capacity using ethier static load tests or PDA testing.

What is Pile Driving or a Driven Pile?

Pile driving or Driven piles have been around since the roman times, Today with the advancement of electronic and hydraulic technology Driven piles are more reliable then ever.
Typically a driven pile is a long slender pile made of timber, concrete or steel and driven through unsuitable soil layers to a suitable founding layer to support the weight of the building, bridge, or road.

During instalation of a driven pile the distance the pile is moving per blow can be measured this allows the capacity or resitance of the pile to be monitored during instalation.