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Temporary or permenant sheetpiling solutions


Sheetpiles can be used as temporary or permenant retaining walls

Sheet piles are used as a temporary or permanent retaining wall. Sheet Piles are an ideal solution in soft ground conditions or as temporary shoring around deep excavations. Sheet piles can be used for retaining water from pump shafts, and supporting excavations for basements, carparks, tunnel launch pits and many other types of deep excavation including creating seawalls, harbours, bridge abutments and bulkheads. Sheet Piles are often used for temporary retaining walls or cofferdams. Southern Piling Works has the specialist knowledge, equipment and skill needed to design and/or install sheet piles in a wide range of site conditions.

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Sheetpiling Aplications

Permenant Sheetpiles

Sheetpiles can be used as a permenant retaining wall. Sheetpiles offer a long service life in non corosive enviroments and can be made to have a servicable life span by either increasing the wall thickness or protecting the sheetpiles with an epoxy coating, when they are used in corosive enviroments.

temporary sheetpiling
Temporary Sheetpiles

Sheetpiles offer a fast and effective way to temporarily shore up excavations and protect workers or assets during construction work.

Once the constrution is complete the sheetpiles can be removed and reused.

sheetpile cofferdam
Sheetpile cofferdam

Sheetpile walls can be constructed to form a dam or cofferdam, enabling an excavation to be dewatered to allow construction in lakes, seas or below ground water.

Sheetpile cofferdams are often used when creating pumpstations along rivers.