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Drilled Piles

CFA Piling, Bored Piers, Rock Drilling, Hard Rock Drilling

Drilled Piles

Bored Piers
Southern Piling can drill all size piles

Southern Piling has the equipment and expertise to drill piles in all kinds of ground conditions. Drilled piles are a safe and reliable pile type in most ground conditions, Offering Vibration free instalation they can be a great option in highly built up areas.
Southern piling has a range of drilling equipment including

Drilled Pile Types

CFA Piling
CFA piling

CFA piles are used when piles are required in fround that will collapse wehn drilled. CFA piles can also be used for piles that extend into the ground water table. Southern Piling works has data logging equipment fitted to their CFA piling rig to ensure a quality pile has been constructed.

Bored Piers
Bored Piers

Bored piers are a cost effective drilled pile type. Bored piers can be drilled in many ground conditions. SOuthern Piling has the equipment to drill large diameter bored piers (up to 1800mm) and deep bored piers upt to 40m. Southern Piling can even drill these large diameter holes into rock.

Southern piling are experts at rock drilling with alot of experience in drilling techniques and tooling for rock drilling.

down hole hammer
down hole hammer drilling

Southern Piling have invested in down hole hammer drilling technology. Down hole hammers allow for fast drilling progress even in hard rock

Southern piling have equipment to drill hole diameters of 450mm and 600mm with down hole hammers to depths of 12m