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Soil Nailing

and Rock nailing

Soil Nailing and Rock Nailing

soil nailing
Soil Nails and ROCK nails can be used as anchors for stabilisation

Soil Nails and Rock Nails are used for stabilising loose material or embankments providing additional lateral capacity to piles.

Southern Piling Works has the experience and equipment to install soil nails and rock nails in almost any soil condition. Southern Piling Works has the capability of accessing difficult sites with our wide range of equipment and experience including:

Soil Nail and Rock Nail applications

Limited access Drilling

Southern Piling works has a long track record of designing and building custom drilling and piling rigs to get the job done. Our small percussion drill rigs can drill rock nails in hard rock with only 700mm clearance.

soil nailing
Slope Stabilization

Soil nails can be used to stabilize slopes subject to landslip. Soil nails can be combined with a steel mesh to improve the stability of a slope.

Southern Piling has equipment to drill soil nails and rock nails on steep slopes or even drill with rope acess equipment.

Ground anchors for bored piers

The lateral capacity of bored piers can be improved by adding ground anchors to the already constructed piles.

The ground anchors can be founded in soil or rock and either above or below the water table.