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Southern Piling works Services

First Class piling contractors servicing Geelong Melnbourne and Victoria

Southern Piling works is a small family owned piling contractor witha diverse range of equipment and skills.
If you require more information or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.


Driven Piles are used in difficult ground conditions as foundations for buildings, bridges, roads, piers and retaining walls. Southern Piling Works has the equipment and the experience to drive piles into all types of ground conditions. We can offer Driven Pile design services or install Driven Piles to a supplied design..

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Southern Piling works offers a range of Drilling Products, Including CFA piling, Bored piers up to 40m deep 1.8m max diameter and hard rock drilling both top mounted percussion and down hole hammer techniques.
All our equipment is well maintatined and reliable.

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Soil Nails
ground Anchors

Soil Nails and Rock Nails are used for stabilising loose material or embankments providing additional lateral capacity to piles.
Southern piling works has the capability and experience to install both soil and rock nails for a variety of applications across all types of ground an d access constraints.

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Sheet piles are used as a temporary or permanent retaining wall. Sheet piles can be used for retaining water from pump shafts, and supporting excavations for basements, carparks, tunnel launch pits and many other types of deep excavations both temporary of permenant.

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Southern Piling works

Services Geelong Melbourne and Victoria