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Driven Piling

Pile Driving with timber steel or concrete piles

Driven Piling

Pile Driving
Driven Piles are a great option for filled or Contaminated sites

Driven Piles are used in difficult ground conditions as foundations for buildings, bridges, roads, piers and retaining walls. Southern Piling Works has the equipment and the experience to drive piles into all types of ground conditions. We can offer Driven Pile design services or install Driven Piles to a supplied design.

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Driven Pile Types

Steel Driven Piles

Steel Driven Piles are a great option for landfill or other ground conditions where other types of piles may be damaged during instalation. Southern Piling works can drive steel piles through almost any ground conditions with our specialist equipment.

Timber Driven Piles

Timber Driven piles can be a very cost effective and reliable pile type. As timber piles are not suceptable to corrosion they can be a great option in a corrosive enviroment.

Timber piles can be Softwood or Hardwood and either treated or untreated depending on the requirements of the project.

Precast Concrete Driven Piles

Precast concrete piles can be designed for high load carring capacity and can be cast specifically to suit the requirements of the site.

Precast piles can be installed in segments allowing for very long piles to be constructed in difficult ground conditions.